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"It was fantastic to see Mandy Williams work up close as we have worked with her on F&A in the past. Her series 'Unseen Landscapes' was one of the highlights of the exhibition for us."
Jasmine Farram, Fleur and Arbor, November 2016

"Williams has created beautifully crafted portraits of the land which also prompt the viewer to think about their own interaction and connection with the world around them"
Cary Benbow, Editor, Wobneb Magazine , March 2016

Riverbed Stories
Minor Literatures , August 2015

“ ... Mandy Williams‘ images in Before , portray surfaces and reflections, not liquid but aerial, merging interior and exterior landscapes of a housing estate prior to its demolition ..."
L'Oeil de la Photographie , May 2015

“ ... I find this image and series extremely evocative ..."
Daniel Leng, Founder, Point + Line , June 2014

“ ... works are capable of establishing a presence and such an atmosphere of memories ..."
LandEscape Art Review , May 2014

“This multifaceted photographer has a fantastic eye for detail, composition and atmosphere.", February 2014

“Stunning and haunting ... the viewer feels as though he or she is voyeuristically peering into other people’s lives"
Allison Tetrault, Dulwich OnView, March 2013

“Mandy Williams' photographs of her three-dimensional constructions consider just what it is that makes a house a home, whether broken or otherwise"
Printmaking Today, Autumn 2011

“Evocative ... Williams' way of portraying this idea is canny and effective"
Aislinn Leggett, Slightly Lucid , Montreal May 2011

“A techno-echinoderm hybrid from some nightmarish Lovecraftian rock pool"
Jez Winship, Sparks in Electrical Jelly, 2011

“House 6 is a compelling and powerful image ... You can attach a meaning on many levels"
Irena Czapska, Spike Print Studio, Printmaking Today Spring 2011

“Moments and places of tension because the characters in her work take risks to get there"
Sally Trash, Lola Magazine, Toronto Winter 2001/02

One of 5 world-wide exhibitions recommended by London, U.K.'s
October 4 - 11 2001

Included in Canadian Art Magazine's Fast Forward cross-Canada guide to the season's best exhibitions
October 2001

“A striking portfolio.  Premise of the family series is compelling and timely … excellent work”
Aperture Foundation  New York  August 2000

“Imaginative sensibility … sensually and psychologically intriguing”
Paula Gustafson, Asian Art News  Nov/Dec 1998

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