December 2017

Last weekend I was really happy to see that a series of my Sea Level photographs had been published on L'Oeil de La Photographie as one of their three portfolios. I like this magazine (which is published in English and French) very much. Its news about photography is consistently varied and interesting and they have a large readership across the world. I feel fortunate to have had my work featured.

Unseen Landscape #28 (c) Mandy Williams

My photograph, Unseen Landscape 28 is currently in the London Independent Photography annual exhibition.  It's held at the Truman Brewery this year and I dropped by yesterday to take a look. Always enjoy seeing what work is being shown and the new venue seemed to be attracting lots of visitors. The show finishes this Monday 11 December.

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November 2017

shots magazine2017 Earlier this month I received the autumn issue of Shots, a US photography magazine that's been running for 31 years and now has a new editor. I'd submitted some photos from  the Sea Level series to them a few months ago and it was a really great surprise to find out that I had one included. There is some stunning photography in the Transition issue and I loved how my work has been paired with Marc von Martial's image. I am not sure if it's available in the UK other than by subscription.


The London Group Open exhibition Part 2 opened this week at the Cello Factory with a very busy private view. I am really happy with the placement of my work inside the gallery - it's shown here with work by Patricia Volk and John Crossley. The exhibition continues until Friday 1 December and there is a huge variety of work on display. I particularly liked the videos playing upstairs and work by Jane Hoodless, Jo Brown, Judith Jones and Martin Heron. If you're near Waterloo, the show is open 2 - 6pm each day.

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October 2017

sea level 03_Mandy Williams

Sea Level 03 (c) Mandy Williams 2017

I was happy to find out last month that my photograph Sea Level 03 had been selected for The London Group Open exhibition. The exhibition is in two parts, and I'll be exhibiting in Part II, which runs 22 November - 1 December at the Cello Factory, SE1. Really looking forward to seeing the show.


Since August I've been photographing on location in Sussex for a new project, returning to places that I knew and wrote about in my diary when I was a teenager, in some cases leaving the pages for someone to find. I've used my old diaries before in a project called Re-Collect, and in both cases it's not been about nostalgia - though it is strange to revisit places after such a long time - but more a process of 'mapping one history over another', intentionally destroying something from the past to create something new. I'll post some more from this series in a couple of months.

greengrassi gallery

Early this month I went to the Frieze Art Fair and was later invited by Fleur & Arbor, an online platform for showcasing the work of emerging photographers and supporting female artists, to contribute some photographs and a small intro to their blog. It has been published here.


After wanting to visit the Venice Biennale for several years, I finally got there last weekend. I hadn't visited Venice in the autumn since I was a student but the mist and shimmering light brought back a lot of memories and it was a wonderful visit. Not a lot of time to experience the Biennale but saw as much as possible. Particularly liked Phyllida Barlow at the British Pavilion, Anne Imhof's Faust at the German Pavilion, and Dirk Braeckman at Belgian Pavilion but other favourites included Vajiko Chachkhiani, Georgian Pavilion, Jason deCaires Taylor, Grenada Pavilion and Egill Sæbjörnsson, Icelandic Pavilion.

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August 2017

Was so happy to receive a copy of BKN Magazine in early August. I'd been invited to submit photographs from the Fairways series at the end of last year and talking with the editor, William Esdale, had really made me think about these images in a different way. Up to that point they had been a purely personal response to a very difficult time when my father was ill in hospital. His encouragement had led to me submitting the images to the International Photographer of the Year where they had won an award. BKn Fairways page 1 and 2sm

BKN magazine is a photography magazine run by William and his brother Louis and the Intimacy issue sold out prior to its publication which is why I'm including two images. Six photos were chosen along with a statement about the series and I really love how the work has been laid out. There is a lot of very strong work in this issue and I'm delighted to be featured.

BKn Fairways page 3 and 4

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition continues until 20 August but I was surprised and happy to find out at the end of July that all the editions I had made available to the RA, as well as the framed work, had  sold - five in total. I have visited the exhibition a few times and it has always been extremely busy - it really is a hugely popular show.


This month I've also begun some test shots for a new project which I'm pleased about but I'm still deciding the best approach to the content. Also had some good news in that one of my photographs has been shortlisted for an exhibition later this year - the decision will be made in September.

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July 2017

P1000418.1000 Earlier this month I went to Rencontres d'Arles, the annual summer photography festival in the South of France. Had never been before and it was a wonderful experience. Saw lots of inspiring exhibitions including retrospectives of Michael Wolf and Masahisa Fukase as well as some incredible work in the Discovery section. Visited Marseille as well and would love to return again next year.


Since then I've taken the last of my photographs inside my father's house as it has been sold. It was a very emotional experience and the end of an era. I'm thinking of making a small book to keep all of these memories together. Spending so much time in Sussex also gave me the idea for developing a project that's been on the back burner - I'd like to try it out by the end of August.


I was happy to have been invited by London Independent Photography to write a review of 3AM, a book by AM Projects which was published by Akina Books and this came out in their fLIP magazine this month.

3AM by AM Projects

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June 2017

img_7876bw-900 Towards the end of last month I was thrilled to find out that Sea Level 09 had made the final selection of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I went along to the Varnishing Day on 5 June, joining the procession to St James, Piccadilly, and later enjoyed the artists' exhibition preview. Very happy with how my work has been hung in Room V, which was under Rebecca Salter RA's supervision (lower right, below). Looking forward to going back later this week for a more leisurely look at the show.


A little while ago I met the Inside the Outside Collective at their exhibition at MMX Gallery in New Cross. It was a wonderful show of landscape photography and a pleasure to meet Rob, Al, Steve and Joe. Last month they very kindly invited me to show work from Unseen Landscapes and Sea Level on their blog and social media - the reaction and support for the work was overwhelming.


I'm continuing to add work to the Sea Level series when I'm in Sussex. Here is one of the most recent images.


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May 2017

enews2 Last month the inaugural exhibition at the Thought Foundation, near Gateshead, opened and my video, Riverbed Stories, was one of the exhibits. The Thoughtful Planet exhibition, which continues to mid-June, features mixed media work on an environmental theme.

My photographs and text about Fairways, my father's house, was published at the end of March in fLIP magazine. Some of the work from this series will also be published in another magazine later this spring.

flip pagesblog

In April work from both Unseen Landscapes and Sea Level was published by Landscape Stories on their blog as part of their Altered Landscape edition.


Over the past month I've had time to visit some really good exhibitions in London - Anthony Cairns at Roman Road, the Deutsche Börse exhibition at the Photographers Gallery featuring stunning work by Sophie Calle, the Inside the Outside exhibition at MMX Gallery and Richard Mosse at the Curve, Barbican. Looking forward to seeing Photo London later this month and some satellite exhibitions, plus I've booked up for Arles in July, which is very exciting.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to shoot more images for Sea Level, Fairways and Unseen Landscapes.

March 2017

sea level 17_Mandy Williams

(c) Mandy Williams, 2016

I was happy to find out this week that one of my Sea Level photographs has been shortlisted for exhibition this summer - finger's crossed that it makes it through!

I am still spending quite a bit of time in Sussex at my father's house and have been collecting more photographs for the Fairways series while I'm there. Following the surprise 3rd place win in the International Photographer of the Year award I was asked to write about this work for a photography publication which should be coming out at the end of this month. It was difficult to write about this series for many reasons but finally I felt the text accurately reflected the work and its process.


(c) Mandy Williams, 2017

I will also be taking part in a group exhibition in the North of England which opens in April, more info to follow.

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February 2017 (2)

IPOTY architecture 2016 A quick additional post for February as I found out earlier this week by surprise that I had won 3rd prize in the Architecture Interior category of the International Photographer of the Year Awards. I'd submitted photographs from Fairways, a series I've been taking at my father's house in Sussex. I know my Dad would be amused to think pictures of his house had won a prize, but he was always so supportive of me I'm sure he would also have been very happy.

I was also pleased to find out from Visual Aids in New York that my postcard image had been sold at the Postcards from The Edge benefit at Metro Pictures. I've contributed to this fundraiser for several years and it's always great to hear that the piece has sold.

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February 2017

Untitled-1 January went by so quickly I forgot to post any updates. At the end of the month I once again contributed a postcard to the annual 'Postcards on the Edge' Visual Aids benefit in New York. This time the event was held at Metro Pictures.

Four of my photographs were included in Halo Lit, a print publication for women's fiction, featuring international writers. The editor had approached me last year about contributing some images and she chose four (two of which are shown above).

At the start of this month I had a meeting with a curator to show some of my work for a potential solo exhibition in 2018.

I've been continuing to build up images for a particular series, but have also been planning another project, quite different work. This wouldn't start until the end of March at the earliest because of time commitments, but am conducting research in the meantime. Look forward to being on location again.

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