Since the group exhibition at House Gallery in March I've been developing new video work. I began shooting in early May and hope to be finished by the end of June - most of it is taking place in London. I'm excited by the project - which includes several of my favourite recurring themes - and also to be working with video again.  I feel like I've captured some good stills from the footage and will plan to show those later this year.  I'm hoping that the video will be completely edited by the end of July. The initial idea was to maybe show it with the photographs for the Viewfinder Gallery show, but it's developing a separate identity as the project gets more advanced. (c) Mandy Willliams (2003) Another video still - this time from Filler (2003) - was recently requested for an exhibition called The Facebook Show at the Museum of New Art, Detroit.  The Director, artist Jef Bourgeau, contacted artists and those working in the arts to contribute their Facebook profile to the exhibition.  There are over 100 artists included - many whose work I particularly like including photographers Vik Muniz, Catherine Opie and Larry Clark.  The show opens Saturday 19th June - I wish I could be there in person.

More locally I was part of a large exhibition of women artists at the Bankside Gallery in April organised by SLWA.  The gallery is on the river near Tate Modern, so a great location, and there was a fantastic crowd for the opening night and some interesting work on display. Linda, who I've shown with many times, was also exhibiting along with other local artist friends. I had House #6 selected for the show.

In the last two months I've had photographic work featured in a couple of magazines - some new images in Flip (the newly relaunched magazine for London Independent Photography) and work from 'Re-Collect' in London-based magazine, the Transmitter, which ran a series of artists' profiles.

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