Nearly 2011 - wonder what the year ahead will bring?  2010 has been a really good year in many ways - some great exhibition experiences including Art Projects at the London Art Fair in January, two group shows at the Museum of New Art Detroit (the 'Saatchi 10' and the hugely popular 'Facebook show'), plus several really enjoyable group shows in London. The last two group exhibitions - at Strand Gallery and Viewfinder - were both photography shows but looking back on 2010 one of the most exciting things for me has been working in different media and completing two very different pieces of work. 'Lost Voices', shown at House Gallery in March, was a mixed-media sound work, and more recently I've just finished the short video, 'Inside', which I began over the summer. The video can be seen on vimeo at It's experimental and true to my original intentions. It's inspired by Bachelard's 'Poetics of Space' and the lit house as a beacon, hut, and refuge, and Derek Jarmans' video 'Journey to Avebury' where his use of static camera shots and uncompromising editing highlights the mystical and ritual elements of place. The opening and closing frames were filmed at Dungeness, one of my favourite places. Still from 'Inside' (C) Mandy Williams 2010 Earlier this month, I had some work of mine represented at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami, as part of the Golden Frame Awards. The end of this month is going to be spent in the studio - uninterrupted time to experiment and shape new work.

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