September 2013

Still from Dream House (c) Mandy Williams 2013

At the beginning of August I found out that my video Dream House had been selected for the Cairo Video Festival, which takes place from the 25 September to 7 October. The Cairo Video Festival, curated by Mohamed Allam and Dia Hamed, presents a diverse program of experimental film and video art from around the world. Dream House screens on Saturday 5 October in a programme that includes videos made by artists from Canada, Austria, Australia, Scotland and the USA.

(c) Mandy Williams 2013

Earlier in the month I produced a short audio piece, 20 minute journey, for an open call called Intermission: Audio portraits of place - Mapping the space between A and B. The work was selected by Jennie Savage and Nuno Torres from the Echoes project in Lisbon to be broadcast on Portugese Radio on 21 and 22 September in the 'Convergence' programme of the event.

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