July 2014

(c) Mandy Williams 2014

Over the past month I've continued to photograph along the river in South East London and Kent adding to the Riverbed Stories series. Some of the existing images can be seen here. The landscape changes so much in the summer; it's interesting to compare the images through the seasons.

I am really happy that work from this series has just been selected for a group exhibition in Ireland in September. The show was one that I very much wanted to take part in and I'm now hoping that I may get over to Ireland during the show.

I have also had work selected for a group exhibition in Salisbury and that show will open in late August.  It's quite a different show in that it will feature work from pre-2000, so I had put forward a photograph that I'd exhibited in Canada in 1999. Completely different from my current work - it's large-scale, hand-painted photography.

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