September 2014

(c) Mandy Williams 2014

August was an exciting month and I'm grateful for the new opportunities that developed. The next couple of months are going to be busy.

At the start of the month I'd been invited to take part in a 'critical discussion' at the Greenwich Gallery with photographer Elisabeth Blanchet. She and I visited the exhibition by local London Independent Photography members to prepare for the 7 August event and the evening was enjoyable and very welcoming. I'd heard of Elisabeth before because of her fascinating work with the Prefab museum, but it was a pleasure to collaborate with her on this event.

On 20 August I travelled down to Salisbury for the opening for the LOST exhibition and was glad to have seen it. A great concept and interesting work on display. I particularly enjoyed seeing the wax handbags by Henny Burnett + David O'Connor's re-staged Map performance. The show, which includes work by Stephanie Douet, Sonia Martin, Prudence Maltby, Dave King and Matt White is on until 28 September.

At the end of July I had found out my photograph from the Riverbed Stories series had made it through the first round of judging for the National Open Art competition show and I had to deliver the framed print for the 2nd round of judging in late August. It was good to discover the drop-off point in Sussex was very close to somewhere I had wanted to re-visit and photograph (the 12th century church at Hardham) so it turned into a day out with the camera. During the following week I was excited to find out the piece had been selected for the NOAC exhibition. It begins in September at Somerset House, London (runs 26 September - 25 October) and then moves to Chichester in December.

More news will follow later this month about Now Wakes the Sea, the Deptford X Festival and a pop-up two person exhibition in October/November.

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