August 2015

riverbed video capture 3 small

Still image from Riverbed Stories video (c) Mandy Williams

July and early August saw some final edits being made to the Riverbed Stories video and it is now online. If you have 5 minutes please take a look at:

At the moment I am not sure if it will extend into a three screen version. Having spent so long on the Riverbed Stories project this video may be the place to leave the series. We'll see!

I was really happy that my photo essay on this series was published by Minor Literatures, which has some wonderful contributions from writers and artists. It can be seen here:

At the start of the month I’d been invited to take part in a ‘critical discussion’ at the Greenwich Gallery with documentary photographer Mike Seaborne. Following a preparatory visit to the gallery to see the annual group exhibition the event took place on 13 August. There is some strong work in the show which ends 16 August - my personal favourites were work by Martin Jordan and Daniel Keys.

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