November 2015

riverbed capture 1

Riverbed Stories video (c) Mandy Williams 2015

Last month I heard that my short video, Riverbed Stories (2015), had qualified to compete at the 22nd International Independent Film Festival PUBLICYSTYKA 2015 in Poland which was exciting. The festival took place in Kędzierzyn – Koźle from 23 - 25 October.

I also found out that Riverbed Stories was going to be part of an exhibition and residency series at Fuse Art Space in Bradford.  '23:57' is programmed in response to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, 2015 and alongside the artists in residence there is environmental photography from Mark Adams, Sean Hovendick and John Wesley Mannion, interactive video work by Nina Yankowitz and Barry Holden and films by David Theobald and myself. '23:57' runs until 19 December.

IMG_738sm2 IMG_7379small

In October the National Open Art exhibition opened at the Royal College of Art. The artists preview event was very busy and it was good to see all the work on display. There were 133 artworks from around 4,000 submitted; I was happy that my work, Before #1, had been selected. The exhibition ended Sunday 1 November.

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