May 2017

enews2 Last month the inaugural exhibition at the Thought Foundation, near Gateshead, opened and my video, Riverbed Stories, was one of the exhibits. The Thoughtful Planet exhibition, which continues to mid-June, features mixed media work on an environmental theme.

My photographs and text about Fairways, my father's house, was published at the end of March in fLIP magazine. Some of the work from this series will also be published in another magazine later this spring.

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In April work from both Unseen Landscapes and Sea Level was published by Landscape Stories on their blog as part of their Altered Landscape edition.


Over the past month I've had time to visit some really good exhibitions in London - Anthony Cairns at Roman Road, the Deutsche Börse exhibition at the Photographers Gallery featuring stunning work by Sophie Calle, the Inside the Outside exhibition at MMX Gallery and Richard Mosse at the Curve, Barbican. Looking forward to seeing Photo London later this month and some satellite exhibitions, plus I've booked up for Arles in July, which is very exciting.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to shoot more images for Sea Level, Fairways and Unseen Landscapes.