August 2017

Was so happy to receive a copy of BKN Magazine in early August. I'd been invited to submit photographs from the Fairways series at the end of last year and talking with the editor, William Esdale, had really made me think about these images in a different way. Up to that point they had been a purely personal response to a very difficult time when my father was ill in hospital. His encouragement had led to me submitting the images to the International Photographer of the Year where they had won an award. BKn Fairways page 1 and 2sm

BKN magazine is a photography magazine run by William and his brother Louis and the Intimacy issue sold out prior to its publication which is why I'm including two images. Six photos were chosen along with a statement about the series and I really love how the work has been laid out. There is a lot of very strong work in this issue and I'm delighted to be featured.

BKn Fairways page 3 and 4

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition continues until 20 August but I was surprised and happy to find out at the end of July that all the editions I had made available to the RA, as well as the framed work, had  sold - five in total. I have visited the exhibition a few times and it has always been extremely busy - it really is a hugely popular show.


This month I've also begun some test shots for a new project which I'm pleased about but I'm still deciding the best approach to the content. Also had some good news in that one of my photographs has been shortlisted for an exhibition later this year - the decision will be made in September.

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