Last night was the opening of Photomonth and the private view for our group show, Inter, at Jago Gallery, Redchurch Street. The 4 of us - Linda, Dolores, pi and I - are all showing new work and it's hard to believe it's 18 months since we last worked together. I like what each of them have brought to the show. It's about place as memory, how social or domestic environment is shaped by its physical and emotional interactions.  I've produced a series of small paper houses, each with a story to tell. It draws on an idea I had a while ago, but takes it further. It's quite different work to what I've been showing lately but so far the reaction has been positive.  The show will be running until 2 November.

Down in SE London, I've currently got work in the dna show, Alchemy, which is part of Deptford X and mid October there's the London Independent Photography exhibition. It's an annual event and the work is selected externally.  I'm happy to have had 3 works selected from the 'Re-Collect' series for this and am looking forward to seeing the other work in the exhibition. Here's a link to the exhibition on their website: There are a couple of other shows on the horizon too so a busy time ahead - both continue the Home theme. The first one will be with Linda, Dolores and pi - very different work from Inter - more photo-sculptural and installation. The gallery has a really good lay-out, so it'll be interesting to see how the work develops. The second exhibition, scheduled for later next year, is with 3 other photographers - I like the look of their work and it'll be good to show in this space as the curator seems really well organised and I've liked the focus of their previous exhibitions. I'll post up more info about it nearer the time ...

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