Thought I'd quickly post up some info before the end of 2009.  It's been a really interesting couple of months since the last two shows.  In October I was very surprised to find out I'd been selected as one of the top ten artists of the week on Saatchi Online. What made it particularly good was the curator who made the selection, Charlotte Bonham-Carter, works at the ICA, a place that I've always loved and she'd worked on their exhibition about concrete poetry, Poor Old Tired Horse, which I'd seen and really enjoyed. The strangest thing was that amongst the 10 artists was someone that I knew and have worked with in the past.  Jef Bourgeau is an artist and director of the artist-run museum MONA in Detroit. Back in 2002 I had a video screened there during their video festival and at the end of last year we'd got back in contact. Jef decided he would get in touch with the other artists and invite them to show at MONA and this is now going to happen in February.  I'll be showing one work which is an adaption of a piece recently shown at the Jago Gallery in East London. Here is a link to the show:

(c) Mandy Williams, 2009

Have been going down to the studio and have ideas for the group show in March. If it works out I'll be showing medium-format photography with an installation piece - lots to get done to make it happen. It's still connected to the theme of home but off on a slightly different tangent. The four of us will be meeting at the venue in January - it will be good to catch up and hear everyone's plans.

Also in January, I'll have work at the London Art Fair as part of Arts Projects . It's a new print from the 'Re-Collect' series - one that hasn't been exhibited or published before. Very happy to have work selected for this - it's part of a show organised by BEARSPACE gallery called 'Print Now'.  Looking forward to 2010!

(c) Mandy Williams, 2009

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