Sept/Oct 2011

A quick update leading into October. My feature in Printmaking Today magazine (Autumn 2011) is out now - it was part of my award from the RWA show in February this year. It's a great magazine, full of information about printing techniques and current exhibitions, along with generous profiles on contemporary artists. It's not available online, so I've scanned part of it here. Check it out if you see it in the bookstore!

(c) Printmaking Today, Autumn 2011

Also this week I found out that my photograph, Totem, is a winning image in the Artslant 5th 2011 Showcase. Last year House #6 also won in this category.

Have spent much of September finishing off a project for Photomonth 2011.  Immerse is now live on the web and tries to capture the sea where I grew up in a visceral way that evokes emotion and memory. It was a surprisingly difficult project but hopefully I've succeeded in my intentions. Ideally, I'd like to add video as well.

(c) Mandy Williams 2011

At the start of November, ASC are holding open studios again and I'll be taking part - it's the same weekend that Print & Design Now 2011 opens at Bearspace Gallery.

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