Dec 2011

Immerse 2011 (c) Mandy Williams

A quick post before the year slips away. 2011 has been memorable and I feel lucky to have been involved with some excellent exhibitions this year at MASS MoCA, RWA, Bristol, and at Raven Row and Bearspace Gallery in London. The Bearspace show, Print & Design Now! has just finished this weekend.  I went to the private view in Deptford back in November and there was a lot of interesting work on display.

Over the last couple of months I have been trying to see more exhibitions in London. There have been some inspiring shows and I have come away with a desire to spend 2012 creating a lot of new work. Ideas have been building up throughout the year and it’s time to explore where they might lead. I’ve been experimenting with sound, video, photography and text.

For this year’s Photomonth, I re-visited the place where I had grown up, photographing the landscape in a visceral way to evoke emotion and memory. As part of the project, I wanted to add a short video. Finally complete, it’s now on Vimeo:

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