Feb 2012

Before (C) Mandy Williams 2012

At the beginning of January I took part in a large benefit for Visual Aids in New York. Called Postcards from the Edge, it's an annual event which attracts a lot of artists and buyers. It took place at Cheim & Read this year, and raised over $82,200 making it the most successful Postcards benefit ever.  I was delighted that my contribution, Totem, was sold and only wish I could have been there myself to have seen the work, which included images from William Wegman, Yoko Ono and John Baldessari.

One of my aims for this year is to focus on creating new work. I've been shooting with a specific theme in mind, though this will develop more fully over the next few months. As a side project I documented a local housing estate at the start of the year, photographing the windows of the abandoned flats as the site awaits demolition.  I've initially set some of those images to a soundtrack and uploaded it to vimeo, but will revisit the idea later as the main project advances.

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