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Welcome to the news blog - a tiny look at what's coming up as well as a small review of recent events. These posts are likely to be random depending on what's new and blog-worthy, so if it's quiet for a while, have a look at the web-site instead -
The last week has been interesting. First of all I found out on Saturday that a photograph of mine had been published in the Guardian Weekend magazine. The In Pictures section had asked for images of Twins, and I had one which I'd taken some years ago for an exhibition. Alex and Alan da Silva were identical twins, but I couldn't help looking for things that made them physically different from one another.

(c) Mandy Williams
There are identical bar codes of blood, teeth, hair at the top of the photo - at the time the image was taken it was thought that identical twins had the same DNA, now apparently there can be slight variations.
Then on Monday night an exchange of emails from London to Vancouver Island revealed that I had two photographs in the Comox Vallery Art Gallery's permanent collection. Found out just by chance - they'd been there quite some time following a group exhibition curated by Third Avenue Gallery. I never made it to Comox but it's supposed to be a great place. The curator is originally from Brixton - once again, I'm reminded it's a small world.
On Friday night there was another interesting meeting in town with Linda, Dolores and pi to discuss some collaborative projects - lots of research is needed. We worked together on the Forensic exhibition in March which Linda curated. It was a great show and a fantastic space, but pretty much under the radar. We've now come back together again with ideas for future work.

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