Small bites

A small update. It's been a busy start to 2009 - more photography and more project ideas. In early January I was contacted by the director of a gallery in west London and offered representation which was a nice surprise. They had seen some of my work on the South London Women Artists website. It's not an exclusive contract which appeals right now and they seem to be friendly and proactive in how they run their business so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Linda, Dolores, pi and myself have also been meeting up and working on ideas for a group exhibition this autumn as well as some other projects. We are combining our interests in photography, sculpture and installation. We were pleased to have a positive response to our proposal from a gallery that we had contacted and it's an interesting space. We plan to create new work in response to the space as we did with Forensic.

Here's an installation shot from Forensic which was in a massive warehouse in South London.

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