Today I took over a new studio. Having been used to working from home this is an exciting change for me.  The building is nearby and has over 40 studios - mine is small, but with great natural light and views.

A few essentials got moved in today but not too much - it's going to be a place for experimenting and trying new things and I'll need all the space there is.

Have been framing some work for a group show in Hull - three photographs will be going into a text based exhibition next month which has been curated to coincide with the Humberside Literature Festival.

(c) Mandy Williams, 2008

It's good to be showing new work and it'll be interesting to see what else is in the show. I'm also working with Linda, pi and Dolores on a show for the autumn - it's a different venue to the one we had originally planned. We're now in a space in East London which we'll have for a whole month, and we've postponed showing in the other gallery in South London until early 2010. Both shows will be mainly photography but with 3D work as well. Lots of other ideas being talked about - more to follow ...

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