January 2016

Image32Frame video capture (c) Mandy Williams 2016

At the end of December I was in West Sussex shooting more footage for the Frame video. I was able to collect a lot of material which I edited down into a short 3.33 piece. The video has been made to accompany an ongoing series of photographs at the same location. I wanted it to show a progression from figuration to abstraction and from a wide perspective towards a single frame. It's the most abstract work I've done in a while. It can be seen here.

This month Riverbed Stories video will be showing in Brighton, having been selected for Short Circuit's, 'Town and Country' curated experimental film screening.

Also at the end of the month, I shall once again be taking part in Visual Aid's benefit event, Postcards from the Edge, happening this year at Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York.  Last year's work sold, hoping the same will happen this year.

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