March 2016

page layout5-9.900 page layout2.900 This month the focus is on publications. In early March I published a book with many of the Frame photographs and video images. I really enjoyed working on it - a preview of the book can be seen here.


Cary Benbow, a contributing writer to Lensculture and F-stop magazine and editor of Wobneb magazine on contemporary photography, recently published a feature on my Riverbed Stories and Unseen Landscapes work. It's really well-written and I'm delighted that he selected my photography for publication. The full article can be seen here.

Also very happy to have had Riverbed Stories featured as a photo essay on KALTBLUT Magazine, a magazine for Art, Fashion, Media, based out of Berlin.  They have a huge readership and it's a different audience for my work. It can be seen here.

Next week, the spring issue of the London Independent Photography Magazine, fLIP, is published and I have a couple of photographs featured from the Frame series, the first time this work has been published in a magazine. Looking forward to seeing it - it's always well produced and this issue's theme Lost/Found should be an interesting one.

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